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You will receive a MyDNAPedia DNA testing kit that contains instructions & a sample collection swab & a fridge magnet.


Sample collection swab

Take your DNA sample at home

Sample is collected with a simple, soft and painless buccal swab that is rolled and rubbed against your cheek inside your mouth.

No blood required, no wounds.


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Send your DNA sample to our laboratory

Your sample is analyzed following best practices and strick confidentiality in our own laboratory in Finland.


MyDNAPedia DNA test result report

Receive your DNA test result

Your MyDNAPedia test report is a detailed DNA test report with generic examples or recommendations. View a shortened sample report for Wellbeing test.

Get results from several markers that are scientifically proven to affect your athletic performance, diet, or wellbeing.
In the whole package, we analyse altogether over 60 markers from your sample.

Get your sample is analysed in our own laboratory in Finland.
We do not use third party labs, which means increased security and more reliable results.

Pay less.
We are one of the most affordable genetic testing services in Europe.

Get your kit faster.
All test kits ordered online are delivered by DHL with international tracking in a few working days.

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MyDNAPedia DNA test provides interesting data for an athlete and anyone who is interested in their personal genetic features. Test report gives a great variety of information how your genes affect to your athletic abilities, diet and risk of injuries. The test itself is easy to do, first you receive a test kit home and take a sample with a buccal swab rolling it inside your cheek, and then the sample is sent back to laboratory for analysis. It is important to remember while interpretating the test results, that it does not mean how is your current state, but potential of your genes. In principle the genetic weaknesses may have become strenghts due to practicing done. The test results can therefore be used to help you to create a training program.

Tuomas Simola - Submission Wrestler

Aleksi Toivonen

It was interesting to read the test results and it will definitely bring extra value to training. Probably the biggest value of the test is confirmation of a power-enabled body – meaning that genetics speaks the same language as it looks to the outside: there is natural speed and power that are easy to apply. My weaknesses are then more in developing endurance properties, because you cannot just have everything. Unfortunately, I cannot blame my genes for weight gain between matches either… ha.

Aleksi Toivonen - Professional MMA Fighter

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Test results were expected and interesting. We will definitely use the results in our training in the future.

Niklas and Joonas Lindgren - Olympic Sailors

With MyDNAPedia’s wellness test, I found out that I have a mutation in a gene affecting folate metabolism. I started using methylfolate supplement, which helps me be more alert and concentrated during the day.

Juha - Office worker

Wow, amazing reading! The validity of the results is top-notch … during my life I have intuitively chosen this way when training and eating.

Sari - buyer of the wellness test

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Your privacy and security - our technology.

Your data is analysed and kept safe inside EU. MyDNAPedia is a secure and convenient way to make a genetic test. We are based in Finland, Scandinavia, and your personal data is kept safe and confident inside EU. Your sample is analysed by experienced professionals in Europe in our own molecular genetics laboratory, which follows highest quality standards. We have strict security procedures in place to protect your data. It also means that we do not release your data to third parties, and your data is kept safe in a different database than your personal details.

Exceptional value.

Rely on Scandinavian quality and our professional team of doctors, Ph.D. scientists, and personal fitness coaches. Through us you can also opt for professional genetic counselling before or after making the test. Choose a test that is most suitable for your needs.

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