Genetic factors have been estimated to have a remarkable impact on athletic abilities and wellness, of which approximately 50% and 30%, respectively, may be explained genetically and the rest of them by so called environmental factors, like technical level, age, climate, diet, quality of sleep, body weight, and physical factors. However, it is important to remember that the DNA test result will not give you a final conclusion on how good or bad athlete you may become or what health issues you will encounter. Since the environmental factors affect largely how actively your genes are used in your body, you can develop your inherited factors to certain direction by doing right workouts. This way you can utilise your genetic assets and, on the other hand, develop your weaknesses.

It is important to understand that a DNA test does not tell your current fitness level. The result of a DNA test is your genetic baseline, which has been with you from the moment you were born.

DNA testing related to training and nutrition is a growing field of science, but the scientific information is not yet complete. The results of MyDNAPedia test and the recommendations are always based on the latest and most conclusive scientific information available. Since DNA research is constantly developing, even recommendations based on the very best scientific knowledge do not guarantee the benefits of MyDNAPedia test results. MyDNAPedia may benefit some people more than others, and in some cases possibly provide no benefit. In these rare occasions, however, these people have still learnt a lot about themselves and their genetic properties and hopefully got extra motivation to continue training and maintain healthy lifestyle. The result of MyDNAPedia test is for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for medical advice, genetic counselling, diagnosis, or treatment.

All the advice and recommendations related to training or nutrition are based on the following assumptions:

1. you have good general condition and you are healthy;

2. a doctor has not banned training from you;

3. you have not been told to exercise or eat according to some specific instructions due to a medical condition (for example high cholesterol levels);

4. you do not have such medication that affects your training or eating;

5. you do not have food allergies;

6. you do not have any other reason that prevents you to follow our recommendations

If you are not sure about the above assumptions, we recommend that you ask instructions from your own doctor before following our recommendations.

You are always responsible of all your actions and consequences that are related to our instructions or recommendations. The people behind or the partners of MyDNAPedia are not in any responsibility for the consequences, costs, damages, injuries, or any other implications that may be caused by following or not following our instructions and recommendations and that are related to this DNA test or its results.