Who are the MyDNAPedia tests for?



you would get a personal and accurate analysis on genes affecting your training to support your training program.

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MyDNAPedia Nutrition

you would get a personal and accurate analysis on genes affecting your nutrition.

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MyDNAPedia Wellbeing

you would get a personal and accurate analysis on genes affecting your health and wellness from condition risks to personal wellbeing information.

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Tests suit especially for fitness fanatics, active trainers, nutrition fanatics and for those interested in their health and wellbeing.

MyDNAPedia tests are designed and analyzed with high level of privacy in Finland.

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How does it work?


Order a test kit here online with most common credit cards & Paypal account or purchase one from our reseller.

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DHL delivers the test kit to you for all online orders placed on this website. If you purchase your kit from a reseller, check their specific delivery conditions.

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Collect the sample at home following instructions and return the sample collection devices to us. Use your preferred delivery method to return the sample to us on your own cost.

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Your sample arrives to our laboratory. We conduct the DNA testing and send you the results.

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How is your DNA tested?


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You collect the sample from your cheek inside your mouth with a simple, fast and painless method using buccal swab delivered with the MyDNAPedia DNA testing kit. The swab will collect cells that include your DNA.


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We extract your DNA from the cells stored in the swab.


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We will multiply your DNA a million-fold from the areas we examine using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


PCR method

Thanks to multiplier-PCR we can see small mutations in your DNA, that are presented to you as a DNA testing report.

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