Terms and conditions

Updated 7.10.2016

1 Parties

1.1 These Terms and Conditions govern the use of MyDNAPedia (mydnapedia.com, hereafter referred to as Service) provided by Woble Helsinki Oy (hereafter referred to as Service Provider). When a person (hereafter referred to as User) orders products from or registers into Service, he/she agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Contact details of Service Provider:

Woble Helsinki Oy, Metsäpirtintie 1, FI-02130 ESPOO, FINLAND

VAT number: FI24457144

1.3 Service Provider holds the rights of the contents of Service and reserves the right to alter the content of Service (including these Terms and Conditions) without notifying User. It is forbidden to download, copy, or modify any content, including, but not limited to, images, graphics, and text, of Service without express written authorisation from Service Provider. Service Provider grants User a limited license to access and make personal use of Service.

2 User Responsibilities

2.1 User warrants to Service Provider that the information he/she provides during the ordering process (and any notification of change of such information) is true and correct.

2.2 User is responsible for any damage caused by breaking these terms contained in these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 User is aware that he/she is allowed to buy products sold on Service and to use them in his/her country of residence according to the applicable legislation of that country.

2.4 User is aware that due to the nature of the products sold on Service, they may give wrong results and that Service Provider is not responsible for any damage that may occur because of a wrong or misread result. The Service provided by Service Provider is designed to expand knowledge. Service Provider does not offer any kind of medical advice nor recommend making any changes to health related decisions before consulting a doctor.

3 Ordering and Payment Terms

3.1 A binding trade agreement between User and Service Provider is valid once User receives a confirmation of the order by email.

3.2 Unless otherwise agreed by Service Provider, payment must be received by Service Provider before the order can be accepted. If a payment service not operated by Service Provider (for example Paypal) is used for payment, User must separately read the terms of the respective payment service.

3.3 Service provider reserves the right to decline any order in its sole discretion. If Service Provider declines the order, Service Provider shall refund the payment to User.

3.4 User has the right to cancel his/her order by email before the order has been delivered. The delivery is considered complete when Service Provider has shipped the order or parts of the order.

4 Product Prices

4.1 The price of the product is the price displayed for the item on Service at the time of the order.

4.2 Delivery charges are additional to the product price. Delivery charges may vary depending on the method of delivery chosen by User, the country of the recipient, and the weight or volume of the order. Delivery charges will be shown on Service before the order is finished.

4.3 All the product prices and delivery costs are displayed in Euros (EUR) or Swedish kronor (SEK). The exchange rate between currencies is determined by Service Provider.

4.4 The displayed prices include then current value added tax (VAT) 24% determined by Finnish legislation.

4.5 With orders outside the EU value added tax area, VAT is not charged by Service Provider. The recipient of the product outside the EU is responsible for any customs, duties, and brokerage charges which may be imposed. These charges will be collected when User receives the delivery.

5 Delivery

5.1 We deliver to EU and EFTA countries (including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland). Time of the delivery depends on the order. The availability of the product, destination of the delivery, and the chosen delivery method all may affect the time of delivery. Delivery times are counted from working days only (Mo-Fri). The given estimates of delivery times are average delivery times and therefore Service Provider is not responsible for any possible delay in delivery. Possible custom handling in the receiving end (countries outside EU) is not included in the given estimates of delivery time. The estimated delivery times are: Finland 2-4 working days, Europe 2-8 working days.

5.2 Service Provider shall not be liable for delays in performing or failure to perform according to this Agreement or failure to fulfil any obligations hereunder, which are directly attributable to causes beyond Service Provider´s reasonable control (force majeure), including, but not limited to, acts of God, fires, strikes, labour disputes, war, acts or interventions by any governmental authority, failure of a common carrier, supplier, hardware, software, browser, or communications equipment, or network failure, congestion, or malfunction.

5.3 User is obligated to make sure that the content of the order does not violate local import regulations. Service Provider has the right to remove products from the order if they are in violation of local import regulations in the given country.

5.4 Service Provider reserves the right to deliver the ordered products in separate shipments.

5.5 User is responsible to provide accurate shipping address with the order. If the order needs to be delivered again because of insufficient address details, User is held responsible for all additional costs of the additional delivery.

5.6 Service Provider takes responsibility for loss and damage of products that has occurred during delivery.

6 Cancellation and Returns

6.1 According to the Finnish consumer protection legislation, User may return or exchange a product by notifying Service Provider within fourteen (14) days of receiving the order. User has a right to return a product if:

The time limit for the cancellation is 14 calendar days from the date User has received the item or earlier, if the product package is opened and thus the cancellation is not possible due to hygienic reasons.

If User wants to use their right to cancel the order, User needs to notify Service Provider (Woble Helsinki Oy, Metsäpirtintie 1, FI-02130 ESPOO, FINLAND, info(at)woblehelsinki.com) about the decision in an unambiguous manner (e.g. by mail or email). User can also use the product return form located on our website, but it is not obligatory. If User decides to use this option, we will promptly notify them e.g. by email that we have received the cancellation.

To cancel the order in the set 14 day time limit, it is enough to notify Service Provider before the deadline and to make sure that the product package is unopened.

6.2 The product must be returned immediately after cancellation.

6.3 When returning products User is responsible for packing the product correctly to minimise the risk of damages.

6.4 If User cancels this agreement, we will return all the payments made to us, including delivery charges (except additional charges if User has chosen some other way of delivery than our regular delivery method) promptly and in any case in 14 days after receiving the cancellation notification from User. We will make the reimbursement with the same payment method User has used when making the purchase, except if User has specifically agreed to accept it in some other way. In any case, the reimbursement will not cause User additional costs. We may refrain from making the reimbursement until we have received the item or until User has proven us that the item has been sent back.

User has to send or give the item to us promptly and at latest in 14 days after making the cancellation notification. User has followed the time limit when they have sent the item back to us before the 14 days have passed.

User has to pay the return costs.

If User has asked Service Provider to carry out a service before the cancellation period has ended, User has to pay Service Provider a reasonable compensation of the work that has been done before receiving the notification of cancellation.

7 Defective Products and Products Damaged in Delivery

7.1 Service Provider should be notified of defective products or products damaged during delivery within 24 hours of receiving the product by email to info(at)woblehelsinki.com. Detailed instructions on how to proceed with the return process will be given to User by email.

7.2 Service Provider will compensate for defective products or products damaged during delivery primarily by replacing the damaged product with a new, equivalent product. If this is not possible for Service Provider, User will be compensated for his/her money in full.

7.3 The defect or the damage of the product must be properly described and documented. The defective or damaged product must be sent to Service Provider for inspection. Service Provider will not deliver a new product or compensate for the price of the product until the defect or damage has been verified.

8 Miscellaneous

These Terms and Conditions will be interpreted, construed and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Finland. Any contractual disputes are primarily settled through negotiations. Secondarily disputes are settled at the Helsinki District Court in Finland.


The person who gives a DNA sample to Service Provider for analysis must accept these Additional Terms and Conditions for Laboratory DNA Testing with his/her signature when sending the sample to Service Provider. In these Terms and Conditions, the meaning, restrictions, and consequences of DNA testing will be described. These Terms and Conditions supplement the general Terms and Conditions of the Service and thus both of them will be effective concurrently. These Terms and Conditions will be effective always when sending a DNA sample to Service Provider, regardless of the use of the sample.

1 Sample Material

1.1 Testing will be performed if:

All the requested information has been provided with the sample to Service Provider.

Instructions on taking, storing, and sending the DNA sample has been exactly followed.

Quality and quantity of the sample material is in accordance with the requirements of the laboratory performing the testing.

The person to whom the sample belongs is at least 18 years old and has signed these Terms and Conditions by his/her own hand when sending the sample to Service Provider and this way proved that the sample belongs to him/her. If a child below 18 years is tested, a parent or somebody with parental responsibility over the child needs to give consent for the child's DNA to be tested.

1.2 Service Provider has a right to refuse from performing the test if one or more of the above clauses are not fulfilled.

1.3 In a case that the quality and quantity of the sample material is not sufficient for reliable testing even if all the instructions have been carefully followed, Service Provider will contact the person who has given the sample and send a new sample collection device without extra cost.

1.4 Also if the sample collection device has been missed or broken during delivery, Service Provider will send a new device without extra cost.

1.5 Service Provider is not responsible of the DNA sample getting lost during delivery or the consequences resulting from it, but will send a new sample collection device without extra cost.

1.6 The DNA sample should be sent to Service Provider within 6 months after receiving the sample collection device. From Bulgaria, however, the regular Reply Service is not possible, and the Reply Coupon included in the product package may be valid even for a shorter period. If the Reply Coupon is not anymore valid when returning the sample back to Sample Provider, delivery costs of such sample should be carried out by the person sending the sample.

1.7 The sample material sent for testing may be used for research purposes. The remaining sample material may be stored for future use.

1.8 Please do not send any other type of sample material than a sample taken with the buccal swab. If the sample sent to analysis is some other material than a sample taken with the buccal swab, Service Provider has a right to charge the extra analysis costs from the customer (currently 150.00 €) and there is a risk that the analysis will not succeed.

2 Performing the DNA Test and Interpreting the Results

2.1 DNA testing offered by Service Provider is for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for medical advice, genetic counselling, diagnosis, or treatment.

2.2 DNA testing performed by the laboratory is in accordance with the good laboratory practice and quality requirements. DNA testing is based on current knowledge of molecular biology data, which may change over time as more information becomes available. Basically this means that the result of the DNA test cannot change but it may later be interpreted differently according to novel scientific findings. Service Provider or the laboratory analysing the sample cannot take responsibility of an incorrect result.

2.3 All existing ethnic groups are not involved in scientific research, on which the DNA tests offered by Service Provider are based. Thus it is theoretically possible that the results and interpretations based on them may not be applicable to all ethnic groups.

2.4 Service Provider is not responsible for any harm or consequences that may appear due to performing a DNA test.

3 Privacy

Service Provider delivers the test results only to the person who has given Service Provider his/her email for this purpose. Test results will not be released to third parties unless the request comes from an authority that has a legal right for it. The sample code and the identity associated with it are stored only in Service Provider's database, which is not accessible to anyone else. Test results may be used for research and statistical purposes by Service Provider. Raw data of the test results are property of Service Provider, but User may ask to remove all the personal details that may be linked to the raw data.

4 Additional Notes Regarding DNA Art

4.1 Your DNA image does not reveal any medical or forensic information, since only specific genetic variants unrelated to them are analysed.

4.2 The info sheet delivered with the DNA image is only for entertainment purposes, and it is not possible to make any implications whatsoever about person's health or behaviour.


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