Features tested in MyDNAPedia WELLNESS

Aerobic fitness and anaerobic threshold potential
Maximal oxygen uptake potential
Muscle cells
Muscle fatigue and recovery
Maximal force output
Ultra-marathon running performance and range of motion
Risk for Achilles tendinopathy
Risk for ligament injury
Risk for muscle injury
Training motivation
Risk for venous thrombosis and prevention
Risk for overweight and diet
Effect of meat consumption on colon cancer
Lactose intolerance
Folate metabolism
Alcohol metabolism
Caffeine metabolism
Tasting bitter
Resistance to norovirus
Risk for osteoarthritis
Risk for low vitamin D level
Risk for osteoporosis
Risk for melanoma
Risk for basal cell carcinoma
APOE (Alzheimer's disease and heart disease)
Hippocampus size
Cognitive operations
Sleeping rhythm and activity